Canadian Dance Teachers Assoc.


Studio C is the only dance school in the Cornwall area to offer students the opportunity to take dance examinations through the Canadian Dance Teachers Association.  These optional exams are offered in Jazz and Tap.  Each year, a qualified C.D.T.A. examiner conducts these exams right here in our own studio.  Upon successful completion, students are issued a special certificate indicating the grade and level attained.  C.D.T.A. examinations are based on a national syllabus published by the organization.  The syllabus is designed to develop young students into advanced dancers.  Various portions of these exams involve an in depth knowledge of theory, anatomy and music.  Levels progress from Primary, which can be taken beginning at age seven, all the way through to Advanced which can be taken at 17 years old.  C.D.T.A. also provides teacher accreditation that can be undertaken at the completion of student exams.

This year, a number of Studio C dancers were successful in attaining the required levels to pass their respective exams this year.  These exams take a great deal of practice and hard work!  We would like to congratulate the following dancers:

Intermediate jazz class at the barre
CDTA primary exam dancers
  • Leah Ashby
  • Amber Beaulieu
  • Maliah Beckstead
  • Alanah Belanger
  • Morgan Bray
  • Jessica Donkers
  • Charlotte Frigault
  • Miyah Froats
  • Lauren Gibeau
  • Makena Guindon
  • Teaghan Guindon
  • Ella Irvine
  • Georgia Jackson
  • Jenevieve Malyon
  • Sadie MacIntosh
  • Emma Marleau
  • Kale McDonell
  • Daine McMillan
  • Emagin McMillan
  • Emily Morin
  • Alyssa Piette
  • Lexis Rowett
  • Shaelyn Samuel
  • Delia Seguin
  • Bree Simpson
  • Mia Stirling
  • Alivea StLouis
  • Chloe Tait
  • Mackenzie Tait

We are very proud of your hard work.  Congratulations!